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Wei Li

PhD Student

Institute for Molecules and Materials


Wei Li MSc. obtained her master degree in molecular life science at the Radboud University Nijmegen. During her master program, she worked on Surfactant induced shape transformation of polymersome in the group of systems chemistry for her first internship and trans-stereoselective Epoxidation of cis-Polybutadiene catalyzed by a porphyrin-cyclodextrin conjugate in the group of molecular nanotechnology. After she finished her master, she joined Prof. Wilson’s group as a PhD candidate focusing on shape transformation of polymersome by chemical-addition method, and exploring more shapes transformed from polymersomes.

Projects for students

Accurate control of the shape transformation of polymersomes is an important and interesting challenge that spans across disciplines such as nanomedicine and nanomachine. Inspired from the former research, controlled shape transformation technology will be employed here to achieve this goal.


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  2. Yongjun Men, Yingfeng Tu, Wei Li, Fei Peng, Daniela A. Wilson. Poly(ionic liquid)s Based Brush Type Nanomotor. Micromachines 2018, 9(7), 364