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Sjoerd J. Rijpkema

PhD Student

Institute for Molecules and Materials


Sjoerd Rijpkema MSc. has graduated cum laude from the Radboud University with a master in Molecular Chemistry. During this education he specifically obtained skills in (synthetic) organic chemistry by designing and synthesising organic molecular scaffold molecules as part of the drug discovery European Lead Factory project in collaboration with MercaChem. Afterwards, he specialised in multinuclear NMR techniques by investigating the mechanism of the silane-mediated, phosphine-catalysed coupling of azides and carboxylic acids to form new amide bonds. As of the end of 2017, he joined the group of Prof. Wilson as a PhD candidate working on nanomotor design and their chemical applications. Using his previously acquired skills, he hopes to expand the design and possibilities of nanovesicles using a bottom-up approach.

Projects for students

  • Out-of-equilibrium catalysis in stereoselective environments.
  • Crosslinking polymers with different functional handles.
  • Polymersomes used as a microencapsulated multicatalyst system by (covalently) binding transition-metal catalists.
  • Translating molecular motion into movement on the nanoscale.
  • Inducing stereoselectivity in synthetic reactions by using stereoselective environments.
  • Mechanistic research into the interactions between host and guest molecules within polymersomes via NMR.
  • Fundamental insight into the structure and motion of nanomotors via NMR.
  • Improved porphyrin synthesis in nanoreactor (collaboration).


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NWI-MOL163 Synthesis Lab 2 (Teaching Assistant)
NWI-MOL049A Chemical Biology Project (Teaching Assistant)
NWI-SM019A Polymer Chemistry (Lecturer)