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Jiawei Sun

PhD Student

Molecules and Materials


Jiawei Sun MSc. is graduated from Sichuan University, Chengdu (China) in 2017 with her master’s degree in Pharmaceutical Science. During the master’s program, she focused on drug delivery systems targeting tumor by mitochondria targeted anticancer multifunctional liposomes. Currently she is a PhD candidate in the Department of Systems Chemistry at Radboud University Nijmegen, The Netherlands. Her research focuses on developing self-propelled assembled nano-motors with enzyme system as fuel, and observing the potential for biomedical application, such as drug delivery and biosensor.

Projects for students

These projects are more about motion of nanomotors, enzyme driven nanomotors and their possibilities in nanomedicine.  We are welcome to students who are interested in nanotechnology and nano-materials for biomedical applications.


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Sun, Jiawei, Lei Jiang, Yi Lin, et al. “Enhanced anticancer efficacy of paclitaxel through multistage tumor-targeting liposomes modified with RGD and KLA peptides.” International Journal of Nanomedicine 12 (2017): 1517.

Li Li, Zhongwei Gu, Lei Jiang, Jiawei Sun. Cross-linkable mitochondrial targeting pegylated phospholipid medicinal material and preparation method and application, publication number: 105031657A

Li Li, Zhongwei Gu, Lei Jiang, Jiawei Sun. Cross-linked mitochondrial targeting doxorubicin liposome and preparation method, publication number: 105055315A


NWI-MOL078 Nanobiotechnology (Teaching Assistant)

NWI-MOL103B Panorama Science: Science and Society (Teaching Assistant)