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Jiabin Luan

PhD Student

Institute for Molecules and Materials


Jiabin Luan received his BEng. degree in Materials Science and Engineering with the Highest Honour from the University of Science and Technology Beijing and his MSc. degree in Chemistry and Physics of Polymers from Fudan University, Shanghai. During his master studies, he worked on the molecular design of an injectable hydrogel as drug delivery systems for biomedical applications. He returned to the academia after one-year working in industry and started his PhD study in Prof. Wilson’s group in 2018 focusing on developing a novel nanomotor system using Janus dendrimers.

Projects for students

Projects for students:

Students looking for research internships in the Wilson group, and with a keen interest in synthesis, self-assembly studies or biomedical applications, are welcome to inquire Jiabin about potential project opportunities. Individuals with expertise in biology or microbiology are also encouraged to contact him. Details will be given upon further contact. Potential research topics are listed as follows:

  • Design and synthesis of functional dendrimers with Janus structures.
  • Study of the self-assembly of Janus dendrimers.
  • Study of the assemblies from the dendrimer system for biomedical applications, such as drug delivery, cancer immunotherapy, anti-bacteria, etc.
  • Design and fabrication of functional hydrogel particles and micromotors by microfluidics for biomedical applications.


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