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Danni Wang

PhD Student

Institute for Molecules and Materials


Danni Wang received her BSc. degree in Macromolecular Science in 2016 and MSc. degree in Chemistry and Physics of Polymers in 2019 from Fudan University, Shanghai (China). During her master’s program, she focused on the design of injectable chemically cross-linking hydrogels for biomedical applications like 3D cell culture, drug delivery, hemostasis and ectopic cartilage regeneration. Early in 2019, She joined Prof. Roeland Nolte’s group at Radboud as a Junior Researcher and studied the Interaction between Chiral Porphyrin Cage Compounds (chiral hosts) and Viologens (guests) for two months. She is now a Phd candidate in Prof. Daniela Wilson’s group focusing on the biomedical applications of micro/nanomotors.

Projects for students

Micro/nanomotors provide considerable promise for biomedical applications, such as drug delivery, bioimaging and wound healing, etc. Students looking for research internships in the Wilson Lab, and with a strong interest in these biomedical applications of micro/nanomotors, are welcome to talk to Danni Wang about relevant project opportunities.


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  2. Shen W., Chen X., Luan J., Wang D, Yu L.*, Ding J. Sustained codelivery of cisplatin and paclitaxel via an injectable prodrug hydrogel for ovarian cancer treatment. ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces, 2017, 9, 40031-40046.
  3. Yu L., Wang D., Ding J. An enzyme-mediated PEG-based hydrogel as 3D cell culture platform and drug delivery system. Chinese Patent, Publication number: CN108676179A.

  • 2019
    Outstanding Graduate Award of Shanghai
  • 2018
    National Scholarship
    Chinese Government
  • 2017
    Academic Excellence Scholarship
    Chinese Government